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Welcome, Educators!

Welcome, Educators! Join us at the National Innovator Challenge to empower your students and foster their creativity and problem-solving skills through innovation. Discover how our program provides a platform for young minds to showcase their ideas, collaborate with peers, and make a real impact in today’s world.

When to have things done:

As the IIC has been put on hold for 2023, you will have a bit more time than originally posted: 

The following are tentative dates for the NIC. 

  • Registration:
    Registration opens on April 21, 2023.
    Registration closes on June 17, 2023. Everything must be submitted by this date at midnight Pacific time.
  • Feedback to all Innovators:
    Emailed by July 1, 2023
  • Invitations for those advancing to the Live Event:
    Emailed by July 1, 2023.
    This email will include an invitation to a specific time slot for the live event and a date by which you will need to RSVP to ensure your slot remains available. 
  • Live National Innovator Challenge via Zoom: 
    July 12-18, 2023
  • National Innovator Challenge Celebration and Awards Ceremony: 
    Monday, July 24, 2023