Partner Information
How can I get involved?

Welcome to the Independent Innovator Challenge! 
We are now looking for corporate and organizational partners to help us support young innovators, as well as the parents and teachers who are guiding them. 

Ways to partner with us:

Our sponsors are committed, community-focused corporate, government, and private sector charitable partners who want to ensure that innovation, invention, and entrepreneurship education impacts everyone, from the underserved, to the rural, to the urban K-12 students. Sponsors contribute funding, in-kind resources, products, services, mentors, judges, connections, and many other important elements to power our programs and participation.

Specifically, our sponsors help us by donating:

  1. Operating Funds: Every little bit helps. We have sponsor packages available for a presence at the Independent Innovator Challenge (such as contributing to prize packages for top innovators), as well as sponsorships for full year-round visibility.
  2. Employee Engagement: We are seeking mentors and judges for our programs — people who can interact with and inspire our kids. They can be engineers, marketers, IP attorneys, police, emergency medical technicians….just about anyone. We provide training and support to help your people make an impact
  3. Outreach: We are asking you to help us find other entities who can join our coalition and help make us successful. 70% of our fundraising work is getting that first meeting with a CMO or decision maker – can you help us?

An important part of invention and innovation education consists of getting feedback and being valued – and this is in part what you do as a judge.  There is a short training prior to the the event and we supply you with the rubrics you will need. If you would like more information, please contact us directly.  

There are other ways you can volunteer as well. 

  • Marketing – As we grow, we need to spread the word about our vision, accomplishments and plans. We want every student in the United States who is has an innovative idea to participate in the I.I.C. We homeschool families to have the resources available to incorporate invention education in their everyday lives. We need help getting our message to homes, communities, co-ops, schools, and school districts across the nation.