Become a Sponsor
Why Sponsor:

By sponsoring the National Innovator Challenge, you or your organization has a unique opportunity to inspire and empower the next generation of innovators. As a sponsor, you will play a vital role in fostering creativity, problem-solving, and entrepreneurial thinking among students from diverse backgrounds. Your support will not only showcase your commitment to education and innovation but also provide valuable brand exposure, networking opportunities, and community engagement. Join us in shaping a future where young minds thrive, ideas flourish, and groundbreaking solutions are born. Together, let’s make a lasting impact on the lives of these talented young innovators and our society as a whole. 

Ways to Sponsor:

  • Education Partner:
    Sponsors from educational institutions or organizations that collaborate in curriculum development, workshops, or resources for participants.

  • Prize Sponsor:
    Sponsors contributing prizes, awards, or grants for the winners of the National Innovator Challenge, encouraging innovation and rewarding exceptional ideas.

  • Mentorship Sponsor:
    Sponsors providing mentorship opportunities for participants, offering guidance, expertise, and support throughout the innovation process.

  • Category Sponsor:
    Sponsors associated with specific categories or themes within the challenge, such as technology, sustainability, or social impact.

  • Corporate Sponsor:
    Celebrate innovation and empower the next generation of inventors by becoming a corporate sponsor of the National Innovator Challenge, where your company’s support can make a lasting impact on young minds and shape the future of innovation.

  • Grants
    We welcome the opportunity to submit requests for grant funding. If you know of an opportunity we should consider, please let us know.

  • Individual Donations
    All donations are fully tax deductible. Please remember to check with your employer to see if they have a matching gift program.