NIC Team of Three Registration

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NIC Team of Two Registration


NIC Team of Two Registration


This is for team registrations only. If you would like to register as an individual, please fill out the single registration form.

Please scroll down to see the description for what you will need during the registration process.

Note: You will only be able to check out with one registration at a time to clarify student information. If you need to register multiple teams, please register them each individually or reach out to us for other options.

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This registration is if you are entering the challenge as a team of two. Please read the handbook then wait until all material is ready for the challenge and then register here.

You will need the following:

  • Student Name
    • Grade
    • School/Homeschool
    • City
    • State
  • Parent/Guardian/Teacher/Adult point person
    • We will collect this information as part of the payment process. If it is a different person than who is paying the registration fee, please contact us at and/or add a note during the checkout process
    • Note: Due to privacy and liability concerns, the parent, guardian, or responsible adult (over 18) must be the account holder at this time. 
  • Student’s Innovation
    • Name of Innovation
    • Name(s) of Teammate(s)
    • Category (Idea/App/Prototype)
    • Industry
    • The problem your idea, app, or prototype solves
    • A description of the solution created by your idea, app, or prototype
    • An upload of your logbook/journal (.pdf, .doc, etc.)
    • An upload of your slide presentation detailing your innovative process as well as the specifics of your idea, app, or prototype. A maximum of six slides. (.ppt, .pdf, etc)
    • A YouTube video link for your pitch video.
  • Acknowledgement of the community guidelines and parent/guardian agreements.
  • Name of Program Nominating you to Nationals